Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sweet harmony - Beloved

The Beloved's 'Sweet harmony' was a big hit in 1992, and since the track was quite danceable it was no surprise that there were a few dance mixes. Except they turned out to be more than just 'a few'.

The cd-single of 'Sweet harmony' contained the 'Live the dream mix' and the 'Love the dub mix'. This double 12" single package features 9 (!) versions, of which only the 'Live the dream mix' and the original version are repeats of the cd-single. Not bad.

My collection: 12" single no. 570
Found:, received July 20, 2011
Cost: $8
Tracks: 'Sweet harmony (Live the dream mix)', 'Sweet harmony (Fertility dance mix)', 'Sweet harmony (album version)' / 'Sweet harmony (Sweet sensation mix)',''Sweet harmony (Bittersweet mix)' // 'Sweet harmony (Come together & Consolidate extended mix)', 'Sweet harmony (Come together & Consolidate bonus beats)' / 'Sweet harmony (Tout desuite dub)', 'Sweet harmony (Sweetheart club mix)'

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