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Sunday, 17 May 2009

I wanna dance - Kat-mandu

Kat Mandu is Jimmy"Bullet"Ray. Born and raised in Guyana, Jimmy began singing at an early age. As a lead singer and guitarist he became so well recognized that he was invited to appear with renowned artists including: Sam & Dave, Ben E. King, and Carla Thomas. Jimmy first toured England with the Telstars and remained in London for 2 years performing with Dave Clark on a hectic club date schedule.

After this, Jimmy began his own recording career in New York by co-authoring and recording three albums under the name of Kat-mandu producing such hits as 'The break’ and ‘Don’t stop keep on’. His single 'I wanna dance' was a hit in Canada, America and various European countries. In the Netherlands the single stalled just outside the Top 40.

My collection: 7" single no. 124
Found: Wouters, Den Haag, 1982
Cost: 3 guilders
Tracks: 'I wanna dance' / 'I wanna dance'

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