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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Amour amour - Plastic Bertrand

In 2010, Plastic Bertrand confessed that he didn't sing his biggest hit, 'Ça plane pour moi', himself. It is quite astonishing, then, that the singer, who was born in Brussels, still managed to stay in the music business long enough to participate in the 1987 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest.

In that year, he represented Luxembourg with the song 'Amour amour'. Unfortunately, that song wasn't nearly as surprising and exciting as that famous 1977 punk single. At the close of voting, the song had received just 4 points, finishing 21st in a field of 22 competitors.

My collection: 7" single no. 5761
Found: Record fair, Utrecht, April 11, 2015
Cost: 1 euro
Tracks: 'Amour amour (Version Française)' / 'Amour amour (English version)'


Monday, 9 March 2009

Ça plane pour moi - Plastic Bertrand

Originally released in December 1977, Plastic Bertrand had a hit in May 1978 with 'Ça plane pour moi'. It peaked at number 18 in the UK and at number 2 in the Netherlands. The lyric of this song is open to interpretation, since it is full of French slang that was used in the Seventies. The title means 'It is gliding for me', which could imply that the singer is with his head in the clouds, or possibly high on drugs. Other suggestions are 'It's all working out for me', 'This works for me', 'Everything's cool/groovy for me' or, more loosely, 'Things are going great' or even 'I'm on cloud nine'.

I wasn't impressed with this song when it came out, but twenty years later I still bought it. In time, punk songs get a certain nostalgia value.

My collection: 7" single no. 3126
Found: Disco Market, Den Haag, July 24, 1999
Cost: 1 guilder
Tracks: 'Ça plane pour moi' / 'Pogo pogo'

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