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Saturday, 26 December 2015

Falling - D. Twins

Five years ago you met the D. Twins on this blog, with a 12" single of 'Falling', which was a cover version of Julee Cruise's theme song for 'Twin Peaks'. It turns out that besides cd-singles and this 12" single there was also actually a 7" single! And since I collect 7" singles (avidly), I had to buy this copy the first time I saw it - which was this time five weeks ago. Fortunately it came cheap, too.

My friend Puck and I have had a lot of fun about this version because of the silliness of certain versions, but I guess you had to be there to fully appreciate the fun of it. So for now, just enjoy these cover versions for yourself if you can.

My collection: 7" single no. 5812
Found: Record fair, Utrecht, December 26, 2015
Cost: 0,8 euro
Tracks: 'Falling (Peaks version)' / 'Falling (Twin Club mix)'

Listen to the Peaks version / Listen to the Twin Club mix

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Falling - D. Twins

When the television series 'Twin Peaks' hit the screens in the early Nineties, it was a sensation. Not only was I in awe of the series, but the music, composed by Angelo Badalamenti, and the songs, performed by Julee Cruise, were wonderful as well. Of course, I bought the soundtrack and the single 'Falling' as soon as I could.

Then, during a holiday in Austria, I found a cd-single by the D. twins, also entitled 'Falling'. After I bought the cd-single, it turned out to be a weird dance version of the track, performed by an anonymous group of dj's and/or producers. My friend Puck turned up a second cd-single a few months later. And then, a few months after that, I found this 12" single. Made in Italy, the label promised four remixes which incidentally all proved to be on the cd-singles anyway. But upon playing the disc, I found out that the actual playlist was a bit shorter: it contained two remixes that were not mentioned on the label at all! And these two were on the cd-singles as well. How confusing. I guess this is a collector's item of sorts.

My collection: 12" single no. 233
Found: Record fair, Amsterdam, January 1994
Cost: 5 guilders
Tracks (on label): 'Falling (Twin club mix)', 'Falling (10 dance mix)' / 'Falling (Peaks version)', 'Falling (Meditation mix)'
Tracks (actual): 'Falling (Club mix)' / 'Falling (New version remix)'

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