Monday, 24 October 2011

From a river to a sea - Private Lives

I'm still hoping for a cd release of Private Lives' only album 'Prejudice & Pride'. It has never been issued on cd and not only is it a great album, there are also such great remixes of the singles available.

Take for instance their third single, 'From a river to a sea': not only an extended version and a dub mix of the title track, but also a version of 'Because you're young', an earlier single of the duo. Let's hope Cherry Pop will pick up the hint and start asking for a license for these tracks.

My collection: 12" single no. 597
Found:, received 2010
Cost: 2 pounds
Tracks: 'From a river to a sea (version)' / 'Because you're young (version)', 'From a river to a sea (7" mix)', 'From a river to a sea (dub)'

1 comment:

  1. Thanks man, but did you ever think about cleaning your records ? If washed, they'd sound as good or even better than any Cherry Pop re-issue !


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