Saturday, 3 September 2011

Runaway - Janet Jackson

When Janet Jackson released 'Design of a decade' in 1996, 'Runaway' appeared on the cd as a new track. This new track was released as the first single from the album. The first cd-single at the time featured three remixes of 'When I think of you', whereas the second one featured four remixes of 'Runaway'.

This promotional double 12" single, however, is something else: it features no less than fourteen remixes of 'Runaway'. And only two of them appeared on the aforementioned cd-single. It's a great package, and what's more: most of these remixes are actually quite good!

My collection: 12" single no. 585
Found:, received August 31, 2011
Cost: 6 euro
Tracks: 'Runaway (G-man's Hip Hop mix feat. Coolio)', 'Runaway (G-man's Hip Hop extended)', 'Runaway (Silk's Old School radio)', 'Runaway (G-man's Club mix)' / 'Runaway (Kelly's Bump & Run 12"), 'Runaway (Kelly's Bump & Run radio)', 'Runaway (Silk's Old School 12")' // 'Runaway (Torin's Chicago Underground)', 'Runaway (Maestro's 95th & Ashland House Dub)', 'Runaway (Silk's Housy mix)' / 'Runaway (Jam & Lewis Street mix edit)', 'Runaway (Jam & Lewis Ghetto mix)', 'Runaway (J.A.M. session mix)', 'Runaway (IndaSoul mix)'

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  1. Thanks, my promo (color vinyls)includes mixes of "when I think of you" + runaway (Vasquez Mix)


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