Sunday, 14 March 2010

Crashed into love - Spandau Ballet

Spandau Ballet's career seemingly came to an end in 1990 with the release of 'Crashed into love', the fourth and final single from their 1989 album 'Heart like a sky'. The previous single 'Empty spaces' had stalled at number 94 in the UK singles chart and this one did no better, as it only reached number 96.

After this, Spandau Ballet, from whom Gary Kemp was already feeling estranged, split up. Tony Hadley, Steve Norman and John Keeble launched a failed court case against Gary Kemp for a share of his song-writing royalties. Although initially vowing to appeal the verdict, they later decided against this. They subsequently toured as a trio, but as they had to sell their shares in Spandau Ballet's company to Gary Kemp to pay off legal debts, and that company owned the rights to the name of Spandau Ballet, they had to tour under the moniker of 'Hadley, Norman and Keeble, ex-Spandau Ballet'. In 2009, the band surprisingly reformed completely.

My collection: 7" single no. 1202
Found: Melody Maker, Den Haag, April 6, 1990
Cost: 6,5 guilders
Tracks: 'Crashed into love' / 'How many lies (live)'

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