Sunday, 18 October 2009

You're the one - Julian Lennon

This is one of those rare occasions where I bought a 7" single because of the B-side. Puck played me 'Sunday morning' back in 1995, and only weeks later I found this single which featured that particular album track on the B-side. Playing the single now, I still think that the A-side is very uninteresting, while the B-side is simply beautiful.

'You're the one' was released as the second single from Julian Lennon's 1989 album 'Mr. Jordan', but it didn't chart at all. Perhaps more people should have heard the B-side.

My collection: 7" single no. 2532
Found: Beanos, East Croydon, London, November 1, 1995
Cost: 1 pound
Tracks: 'You're the one' / 'Sunday morning'

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