Thursday, 19 March 2009

Dieser Traum darf niemals sterben - Atlantis 2000

In Dutch we call this 'a dragon of a song', meaning that it is fascinatingly bad. One has to wonder why this got through the national final, to be performed at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest. 'Dieser Traum darf niemals sterben' ('This dream must never die') was performed by a sextet calling themselves Atlantis 2000. The group consisted of Alfons Weindorf, Jutta Niedhardt, Helmut Frey, Eberhard Wilhelm, Klaus Pröpper and Clemens Weindorf. The song was composed by Weindorf and Frey, but could easily have come from the infamous duo Siegel and Meinunger.

The syrupy ballad hints at the unity of East and West Germany, while the lyric states that humanity must learn to overcome its tendency towards hate in order to achieve unity.

My collection: 7" single no. 3602
Found: Record fair, Rijswijk, March 14, 2009
Cost: 0,5 euro
Tracks: 'Dieser Traum darf niemals sterben' / 'Eines Tags'

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  1. The only thing I am unhappy about the Eurovision Song Contest is that the use of English, in the Contest increases year by year.

    As a native English speaker I think this is unfair!

    It's certainly time to break the habit of "language imperialism", in the Eurovision Song Contest, and use a song, sung in Esperanto instead!

    This is a serious suggestion, as you can see from the Esperanto music which is already available at or at

    There's even cheesy Esperanto music available! See


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