Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Black on black - Dalbello

In 1994 I bought a promotional cd-single of Heart's 'Black on black'. It turned out to be a cover version of a song originally performed by Dalbello. Heart's version rocked a lot, so naturally I became rather curious about the original song.

Lisa Dalbello released her fifth studio album 'She' in 1987. It included her biggest hits, 'Tango' and 'Black on black'. Even though it is described as a rock album, I have to say that her version of 'Black on black' sounds rather mechanic.

My collection: 7" single no. 3118
Found: June 27, 1999
Cost: 5 guilders
Tracks: 'Black on black' / 'Baby doll'
Download: here


  1. hi
    dalbello's previous album whomanfoursays is probably her "best" (ie., most "important") and markde the shift from Canadian disco pop obscurity to sort of avant-pop. her last recorded album, Whore, is much heavier and darker than anything else she did, well worth checking out

  2. Wow.. thank you so much for posting this! I run a fan site for Dalbello at dalbello[DOT]4x2[DOT]net if you'd like to check it out! This is an incredible find for me b/c this version of "Baby Doll" is an earlier take w/ different production than the version that ended up on the She album... If you could upload at a higher bitrate at some point, I'd be eternally grateful. If not, at least I've been able to hear it!! =)

  3. One thing I should point out is that the single you have is for the 1985 version from the soundtrack to the Mickey Rourke / Kim Bassinger film "Nine And A Half Weeks". She re-recorded it for her 1987 album "She", and that version rocks considerable harder - less synth, more guitars - though of course it still wasn't as heavy as Heart's version. In any case, Dalbello is still a genius, and I love both "She" and "Whomanfoursays". ^_^

  4. Can you re-upload? The links appear to be dead. :(


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