Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Respectable - Mel & Kim

The British sisters Mel and Kim Appleby, born to English and Jamaican parents, were noticed while they were dancing in a nightclub in London, signed to Supreme records and put under the guidance and supervision of the production team Stock Aitken & Waterman. It was the start of a short but very successful career, starting in September 1986 with their debut single 'Showing out (Get Fresh at the weekend)'. The second single, 'Respectable', was an even bigger success in the UK, reaching no. 1 in the spring of 1987.

I bought this single twice. The first copy I bought quickly after its release, the second copy six years later. It was a German limited edition in red vinyl, which was a great find. I never saw this item before or since.

My collection: 7" single no. 526 (1) and 1884 (2)
Found: Free Record Shop, Den Haag, 1987 (1) and Record Fair, Amsterdam, April 24, 1993 (2)
Cost: 6 guilders (1) and 4 guilders (2)
Tracks: 'Respectable' / 'Respectable (instrumental)'
Download: here

1 comment:

  1. it was the 2nd N° 1 for SAW production (03-1987)
    the very 1st one was "dead or alive - You spin me round" (01-1985)


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