Monday, 14 November 2011

Stay - The Blue Nile

The Scottish band The Blue Nile debuted in 1981 with 'I love this life', a single that went by unnoticed partly because of the disappearance of their label RSO. The trio kept writing and recording over the next couple of years, including a couple of tracks that would later surface on their debut album.

'Stay' was released in 1983 by Linn Records, a label created by a local hi-fi manufacturer. It was not a hit, however the band was noticed enough for Linn to released a debut album called 'A walk across the rooftops' a year later: a critically acclaimed album that sold very well too. This 12" single features the full length version of 'Stay' as well as 'Saddle the horses', an instrumental version of the album track 'Automobile noise'.

My collection: 12" single no. 294
Found: Record fair, 1996
Cost: 10 guilders
Tracks: 'Stay' / 'Saddle the horses'

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