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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Oh Carolina - Shaggy

'Oh Carolina' was originally written by John Folkes and performed by the Folkes Brothers in 1960. The original track incorporated African-influenced Niyabinghi-style drumming and chanting.

In 1993, Shaggy revived the song. His cover version spent two weeks at number 1 in the UK singles chart and reached number 6 in the Dutch Top 40. I finally bought the single six months after its release to irk a friend of mine who hated the song with a passion. He's since moved to China, although I'm not sure it's because I own this single now.

My collection: 7" single no. 2034
Found: HMV, London, October 22, 1993
Cost: 2 pounds
Tracks: 'Oh Carolina' / 'Oh Carolina (Raas Bumba Claat version)'

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