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Thursday, 21 March 2019

Free 4 track solid EP - Various artists

British magazine Record Mirror would give away 7" vinyl singles with their issues from time to time, sometimes containing exclusive content. These singles are being sold on the second hand market these days, for varying amounts. This copy was not too expensive, and since it contains two of my favourite artists, I quite liked to buy it.

The Pet Shop Boys offer their early track 'In the night', whereas Depeche Mode make an appearance with the album track 'Dressed in black'. Unfortunately the B-side of this EP contains nothing more than some random rapping over boring beats. You can't win them all.

My collection: 7" single no. 6011

Found:, received March 12, 2019
Cost: 1 pound
Tracks: 'Dressed in black' (Depeche Mode), 'In the night' (Pet Shop Boys) / 'Slow and low' (Beastie Boys), 'Dangerous' (LL Cool J)

Monday, 8 June 2009

I need love - LL Cool J

Hip hop will always be a genre dominated by people who feel the need to use a lot of words to say... well... nothing. It doesn't happen very often - well, once every decade on average as far as I know - that I actually like a hip hop record. LL Cool J released 'I need love' in 1987 and took care of the Eighties for me.

The idea of making a rap about a troubled lovelife in a kindof ballad setting was pretty good I have to admit. He was rewarded with chart placings around the word, reaching number 8 in the UK and number 3 in the Netherlands. Just forget about all the other rubbish he's made since then. (And yes, the B-side of this single is very bad as well.)

My collection: 7" single no. 566
Found: Free Record Shop, Den Haag, 1987
Cost: 6 guilders
Tracks: 'I need love' / 'My rhyme ain't done'

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