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Friday, 14 April 2017

Ain't no sunshine - Bi Virtue feat. Joe McGann & Rebecca de Ruvo

It's not the first time that Joe McGann and MTV hottie Rebecca de Ruvo appear in this blog, as I've owned the 12" single of 'Ain't no sunshine' for 17 years now. I wrote about that one way back in December 2009.

When you compare the sleeve of that 12" single with the sleeve of this 7" single, I'm pretty sure you'll agree that this one looks way better. Why the record company decided to go with the ugly version for the 12" single remains a mystery. The song remains the same: a nice but unhistoric version of a classic song.

My collection: 7" single no. 5802
Found:, received April 4, 2017
Cost: 2 euro
Tracks: 'Ain't no sunshine' / 'Why can't we just be friends'

Listen to the song

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Ain't no sunshine - Joe McGann and Rebecca de Ruvo

'Ain't no sunshine' was originally a hit for Bill Withers in 1971. It was re-recorded by Joe McGann and MTV hot babe Rebecca de Ruvo with a studio group called Bi Virtue. This 12" single was released in 1992.

This is one of those releases that sinks without a trace, fails to chart anywhere, and ends up in the sales bin all over Europe. I didn't know this version, but was curious enough about Rebecca de Ruvo's singing qualities to try it out. Hearing this now, it really sounds like an early Nineties production.

My collection: 12" single no. 522
Found: Plaatboef, Den Haag, 2000
Cost: 2,5 guilders
Tracks: 'Ain't no sunshine (radio mix)', 'Ain't no sunshine (Phill Chill mix)' / 'Why can't we just be friends (radio mix)', 'Ain't no sunshine (Up front mix)'

Saturday, 7 February 2009

I caught you out - Rebecca de Ruvo

Rebecca de Ruvo was born in Stockholm in 1969. She debuted on Swedish television in 1988, presenting the youth programme 'Druvan'. Soon after that, she started presenting programmes like 'Awake on the wild side' and 'Dial MTV' on MTV Europe (back when they were still broadcasting music programmes). Personally I always had a soft spot for her, because of her bubbly presentation and extremely beautiful appearance.

In 1994, she tried her hand at music. The single 'I caught you out' was released in the autumn, but unfortunately it wasn't a commercial success. A solo album may have been recorded, but it was never released. De Ruvo joined the band Breaker a few years later, but they were equally unsuccessful.

My collection: 7" single no. 2161
Found: HMV, London, September 26, 1994
Cost: 2 pounds
Tracks: 'I caught you out (Ben Liebrand's Station Edit)' / 'I caught you out (Nellee Hooper's Album Mix)'
Download: here
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