Saturday, 30 May 2009

Human features - Black

Originally a three-piece pop outfit from Roby, near Liverpool, England, Black featured Colin Vearncombe (born June 25, 1962, West Derby, Liverpool), Dave Dickie and Jimmy Sangster. Vearncombe was previously in the Epileptic Tits at the age of 16, playing punk cover versions. He then moved on to producing his own tapes until Dickie (ex-Last Chant) and Sangster formed a unit together.

Black's first single was 'Human features', released in 1981 on the independent Rox label. The single did not chart and was probably released in a very small quantity. Finding this single is next to impossible. I searched for it for years on end, and finally only got it because an old Black fan was selling off his items. I spent a small fortune, but was extremely happy to get my hands on this rare recording.

My collection: 7" single no. 2983
Found: Private seller, received April 9, 1998
Cost: 20 pounds (or more)
Tracks: 'Human features' / 'Electric church'

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  1. Oh, Iam SO very happy to have heard Human Features again!!


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