Saturday, 21 February 2015

Pozdrav svijetu (Dobar dan) - 4M

Two weeks ago, as I was on Ebay bidding on a series of Eurovision singles (and won seven out of ten, as you can read here), I noticed that most of the action happened in the last two minutes. Suddenly there were bidders (or it was only one, I couldn't tell) coming up and offering more than my maximum - which, admittedly, wasn't exactly high. By quickly throwing in one more bid - which, again, wasn't very high - I was  able to steal back the singles in the last few seconds. There was just one exception: this 1969 Yugoslavian entry by 4M. And that's remarkable, since it's such an old record from a country that doesn't even exist anymore.

'Pozdrav svijetu' is a ballad, in which the 4M's salute all people of the world, wishing them a "good day" in several languages: Spanish, German, French, English, Dutch, Italian, Russian and Finnish. At the close of voting, it had received just 5 points, placing 13th in a field of 16 competitors.

My collection: 7" single no. 5613
Found:, received February 12, 2015
Cost: 0,7 euro
Tracks: 'Pozdrav svijetu (Dobar dan)' / 'David i Ruth'

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