Sunday, 22 February 2015

Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das schöne - Nora Nova (Ariola Music Box EP)

This EP is a strange beast. I bought it, obviously, for the German entry to the 1964 Eurovision Song Contest, but there are three other tracks on this disc, and possibly the weirdest of all is the first one: it's Chubby Checker singing 'Good old Schwäb'sche Eisenbahn'. That's right, partly in German.

Nora Nova was the first Bulgarian to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest. Her father was an official of Tsar Boris III of Bulgaria and she reports that she was raised a monarchist. After scoring a number of hits in the German and Swiss charts, in 1964 she was chosen to represent West Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen. Her song, 'Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne', reportedly has the longest name in Eurovision Song Contest history. With it she had another record — nul points for West Germany, and hence 13th, last place.

My collection: 7" single no. 5620
Found:, received February 14, 2015
Cost: 2 euro
Tracks: 'Good old Schwäb'sche Eisenbahn' (Chubby Checker) / 'Keine Schule mehr' (Peggy Peters) / 'Man gewöhnt sich so schnell an das Schöne' (Nora Nova) / 'Bella Luna' (Renate und Werner Leismann'

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