Saturday, 15 November 2014

Parlez-vous Français? - Baccara

Right, so this is where things start to become a little confusing. The Spanish duo Baccara competed in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1978, representing Luxembourg, with a song called 'Parlez-vous Français?', which appears here in the English version. Confusingly, the title is still 'Parlez-vous Français?', although most of the lyric is in English - although it has to be said that the Spanish girls do not necessarily pronounce everything correctly.

During the contest they ended up in seventh place, partly thanks to full marks from Italy, Portugal and Spain. The song was a commercial success in most of Europe. Baccara competed for another appearance in Eurovision in 2004, when they appeared in the Swedish national finals. However, they lost out to local star Lena Philipsson.

My collection: 7" single no. 5638
Found: Fun Records, Berlin, received August 29, 2014
Cost: 1,5 euro
Tracks: 'Parlez-vous Français?' [english version] / 'You and me'

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