Monday, 5 March 2012

Leave in silence - Depeche Mode

'Leave in silence' is still one of my all time favourite Depeche Mode tracks, and this 12" single had a little to do with that. I was very impressed with the extended remix of this single, and the 'quieter' version that was included on the B-side of this 12" single added a dimension to the beauty of the track. I remember spending some hours re-mixing these mixes on my old tape recorder, using the excellent 'pause' buttons they used to have. One mix exceeded 10 minutes, if I remember correctly.

The instrumental 'Further excerpts from My secret garden' elaborates on the B-side of the 7" single and is another highlight in the band's catalogue. In my opinion this ranks among the best 12" singles they have released during their impressive 30 year career.

My collection: 12" single no. 17
Found: Free Record Shop, 1985
Cost: 8 guilders
Tracks: 'Leave in silence (longer)' / 'Further excerpt from: My secret garden', 'Leave in silence (quieter)'

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