Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Voyage voyage - Desireless

Whenever you feel depressed, leave it to the French to push you over the brink of suicide. Desireless' 'Voyage voyage' sounds like an uptempo pop song, but the underlying message is less upbeat. The fact that I can't understand a word of French also helps, of course.

This 12" single features two remixes of the track. The 'Britmix' was created by Pete Hammond and Peter Waterman, whereas the Euro remix was created by Steve Prestage. Both remixes are quite good, actually.

My collection: 12" single no. 427
Found: Record Exchange, London, 2000
Cost: 1 pound
Tracks: 'Voyage voyage (Britmix)' / 'Voyage voyage (Euro remix)', 'Destin fragile (instrumental)'

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  1. french lyrics
    Au dessus des vieux volcans
    Glissant des ailes sous les tapis du vent
    Voyage Voyage
    De nuages en marecages
    De vent d'Espagne en pluie d'equateur
    Voyage voyage
    Vol dans les hauteurs
    Au dessus des capitales
    Des idees fatales
    Regarde l'ocean

    Voyage voyage
    Plus loin que nuit et le jour
    Voyage voyage
    Dans l'espace inoui de l'amour
    Voyage voyage
    Sur l'eau sacree d'un fleuve indien
    voyage voyage
    Et jamais ne reviens

    Sur le Gange ou l'Amazone
    Chez les blacks chez les sikhs chez les jaunes
    Voyage voyage
    Dans tout le royaume
    Sur les dunes du Sahara
    Des îles Fiji au Fuji-Yama
    Voyage voyage
    Ne t'arretes pas
    Au dessus des barbeles
    Des cœurs bombardes
    Regarde l'ocean

    english translation
    Above the old volcanoes
    Slipping under the wings of the wind carpet
    Travel Travel
    Clouds in swamps
    In Spain in wind rain Ecuador
    Travel Travel
    Theft from heights
    Above the capitals
    Fatal Ideas
    Look at the ocean

    Travel Travel
    Farther than night and day
    Travel Travel
    In incredible space of love
    Travel Travel
    On the sacred water of an Indian river
    Travel Travel
    And never return

    On the Ganges or the Amazon
    Among blacks among Sikhs among yellow people
    Travel Travel
    Throughout the kingdom
    On the dunes of the Sahara
    Fidji Islands at Fujiyama
    Travel Travel
    Do not stop
    above barbed wire
    Hearts bombards
    Look at the ocean


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