Thursday, 25 February 2010

As long as you follow - Fleetwood Mac

The production process of making 7" vinyl singles has been successful for millions of copies: you take a piece of vinyl, press the grooves on it, cut off the edges to make a round piece of vinyl and punch a hole in the middle. But sometimes, things go wrong. My copy of 'As long as you follow' by Fleetwood Mac had a hole in the middle, but it was not exactly in the middle. As a result, the sides were unlistenable.

I never went back to the shop with the single, but I did buy a promotional copy of it, made in Spain, seven years later. This copy featured 'As long as you follow' on both sides. For this blog, I used my original copy to record the B-side. It's a matter of putting the record on the right spot on the record player. I think the recording still turned out alright!

'As long as you follow' was a new track on the compilation album 'Greatest hits', released in 1988 after Fleetwood Mac's previous album 'Tango in the night' was very successful. Lindsey Buckingham had left the band and he was replaced by Billy Burnette (mainly for lead vocals) and Rick Vito. The single reached number 13 in the Dutch Top 40 and number 66 in the UK singles chart.

My collection: 7" single no. 756 / no. 2612
Found: Free Record Shop, Den Haag, February 23, 1989 / Record fair, Den Haag, February 10, 1996
Cost: 6 guilders / 3 guilders
Tracks (no. 756): 'As long as you follow' / 'Oh well (live)'
Tracks (no. 2612): 'As long as you follow' / 'As long as you follow'

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