Thursday, 20 August 2009

Stop! - Sam Brown

Sam Brown wrote 'Stop!' together with Gregg Sutton and Bruce Brody during a trip to Los Angeles. Sam commented: 'I was driving on the Pacific Coast Highway heading south and the idea for 'Stop!' came into my head. I kept it there until I got back to my hotel room where I probably jotted down some thoughts. I didn't really realise that it was a blues song - I'd had no blues experience then.' She met Sutton and Brody in Brody's hotel room as he was preparing for a live concert with his group Lone Justice. They put the song together in half an hour.

In 1988 when 'Stop!' was becoming a hit country by country across Europe, Gregg went to Amsterdam with Sam and her crew to celebrate it going to the top of the chart in Holland. 'It was considered to be like Cleveland, a test market for Europe.' explains Gregg. 'The music biz insiders said if a record did well there it would do well everywhere in Europe.' They were right: the single became a top 10 hit all over Europe and reached number 4 in the UK singles chart. My copy of the single is a limited edition poster sleeve from the UK.

My collection: 7" single no. 2290
Found: Record fair, May 6, 1995
Cost: 10 guilders
Tracks: 'Stop!' / 'Blue soldier'

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