Saturday, 18 July 2009

Die Zeit ist einsam - Timna Brauer

This is one of the hidden gems of the Eurovision Song Contest. It can be compared to the likes of 'Rapsodia' by Mia Martini (Italy 1992) and 'Sama' by Justyna Steczkowska (Poland 1995) as one of those songs that make you suicidal upon hearing it. Not because of the quality, mind, but because it's so moody and beautiful.

Timna Brauer was born on May 1, 1961 in Vienna, Austria and represented her country in 1996 with 'Die Zeit ist einsam' ('Time is lonely'). The international juries were not impressed and she ended up in 18th place in a field of 20 participants. They were obviously looking for something with more depth and substance - the winning song was 'J'aime la vie' ('I love life').

My collection: 7" single no. 2974
Found: Bea Records, March 1, 1998
Cost: 8 guilders
Tracks: 'Die Zeit ist einsam' / 'And when the night comes'

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