Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Juliana - Kinderen van Nederland

A guest single today, from my friend Puck. Although, when you listen to this you would start to wonder why I have such strange friends. 'Juliana' was an ode to the queen of the Netherlands in 1979, on the occasion of her 70th birthday. I wonder at the lack of taste of people in this country every day, but I'm still amazed that this actually peaked at number 10 in the Dutch Top 40 during its five week run.

The lyric of this song is full of interesting statements. Apparently, queen Juliana singlehandedly took care of prosperity in Holland's post-war years, and 'wakes day and night'. The children hope she will continue to take care of her people for many years to come. Well, the queen listened to this and decided to abdicate in January 1980.

Tracks: 'Juliana' / 'Wilhelmus van Nassauwe'


  1. Jippieeeeeeeeeee. I'm honoured to see this on the list. It's a kind of joke really and a kind of reward for my hard work. As MOV provided me with a list of al the ESC-singles he didn't have. So on the 5th of may (Liberation day) I looked and found several singles on the liberation fair for him. I hope they will also get on this Blog.

    But... there is one reward MOV still has to get from the fair!!!!

  2. BUT when I listen to it, I get that creepy feeling that it is really horrible. Brrrrrr!

  3. You should have assumed that from the title...

  4. Misselijk makend, dit stukje vals propaganda.
    Onvoorstelbaar, dat dit door de goegemeente werd gekocht.
    Ik kan nog urenlang hierop kankeren, maar laat maar.
    TOCH heb ik beide mp3 maar even op HDD gezet ;)


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