Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Crazy of life - Sandra Kim

Sandra Calderone was born on October 15, 1972 in Montegnée near Liège in Belgium. She took on her stage name Sandra Kim, naming herself after her big idol, Kim Wilde. In 1986, at the tender age of 13, she represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song 'J'aime la vie'. In the lyric of the song she claims to be 15 years old, the minimum age for Eurovision contestants. She won the Contest that year. When her real age was revealed, Switzerland (who'd reached second place with 'Pas pour moi' by Daniela Simons) petitioned to have the song disqualified, but this did not happen.

The original single of 'J'aime la vie' contains a different (French) song on the B-side. This edition features the English version 'Crazy of life' on the A-side. I never bought 'J'aime la vie' because I really hate the song - but I am a sucker for alternative versions of Eurovision songs. And so I gave in...

My collection: 7" single no. 3645
Found: Record fair, Utrecht, April 18, 2009
Cost: 0,8 euro
Tracks: 'Crazy of life' / 'J'aime la vie'

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