Thursday, 29 January 2009

Living next door to Alice - Smokie

'Living next door to Alice' was released as a single by Smokie in 1976. It gave them a number one hit in the Netherlands in early 1977, and it reached number 5 in the UK singles chart. The song is about a young man's long-standing crush on Alice, the girl next door and neighbour of 24 years, which is left unrequited after she moves away. The protagonist had seen a limousine parked at Alice's home and begins to reflect on childhood memories and his friendship with Alice, and becomes heartbroken as he sees Alice get inside the limousine. As he watches the car drive out of sight, the protagonist is sad about Alice leaving without explanation and that he did not use any opportunity to express his feelings for her.

In 1995, the song famously spawned a parody version by the Dutch band Gompie, in which some bystanders scream 'Alice, who the fuck is Alice' during the chorus. Thereby crushing any depth of feeling in the original song.

My collection: 7" single no. 15
Found: London, 1979
Cost: 10p
Tracks: 'Living next door to Alice' / 'Run to you'
Download: Album 'The best of Smokie', including both tracks (part 1 / part 2)

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  1. The original version of "Living next door to Alice" was released in 1972 by New World.


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