Monday, 5 January 2009

I'm gonna shoot the deejay - The Press

I wonder if a song like 'I'm gonna shoot the deejay' ("'cause he won't play my tunes") would be allowed these days on any record or radio show, under the new anti-terrorism laws. Even a verbal threat is reason enough to have you shipped off to Guantanamo Bay these days. But in 1980, it wasn't a problem. At least, in the Netherlands: The Press reached no. 13 in the Dutch Top 40 in August 1980. The Press were formed in the Netherlands by Rene Innemee, Michel Nita, Floor Minnaert, John Coenen, Walter Nita and Willy Bronzwaer. They were previously active as The Walkers, but they assumed the new band name in 1980 for this single and the album 'Press here'. In 1981, they had another hit, 'Cantara pepe', and after that the band quit.

My collection: 7" single no. 3396
Found: Geest, Den Haag, 2004
Cost: 1 euro
Tracks: 'I'm gonna shoot the deejay' / 'Meet the press'
Download: here

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