Sunday, 7 December 2008

Images of heaven - Peter Godwin

Peter Godwin was born in Germany and one of the members of the band Metro in the late 1970's. In 1982, he released this solo single, 'Images of heaven', which became well-known in alternative circuits. The single was accompanied by two different videos: a rude version and a clean version.

I got to know Peter Godwin initially because of his other single, 'Emotional disguise'. Buying this single was an experiment. I wasn't disappointed.

My collection: 7" snigle no. 1389
Found: All that music, Leiden, February 22, 1991
Cost: 3 guilders
Tracks: 'Images of heaven' / 'Spoken images'
Download: here


  1. Greetings from Mission Control, Fort Godwin:-)

    Aside from this, Peter is definitely back on the band scene with a new band called NUEVO, according to the king of coolness himself, "There's an update to the Nuevo website in the wings- a new shop, a new video.. and more.. Coming very soon..." (Peter Godwin)

    To learn more about his new band and his music, please visit us at:

    Anyways, do join us in his face book fan page:


    Much love and thankies from the Mission Control Center, Fort Godwin.

    skyray is love,

  2. Wow! The 7" single for Images of Heaven. I've been searching for this out of print pressing forever. Any chance you could reupload the file?


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