Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Don't tell me - Blancmange

Blancmange is a jelly or pudding dessert made of milk, sugar, gelatin and flavouring. It is also the name of the band formed by Neil Arthur and instrumentalist Stephen Luscombe in Harrow, London in 1979. Their single 'Don't tell me' made it to no. 8 in the UK singles chart in May 1984. It is one of the most energetic pop songs of that era.

I expected much from the 12" single of this track, hoping to get an extended version of this. Frankly, I was disappointed: the remix breaks the tension built up in the original version and adds chaotic sound effects. No wonder I didn't buy another 12" by Blancmange after this...

My collection: 12" single no. 257
Found: Record Exchange, London, 1995
Cost: 50p
Tracks: 'Don't tell me [extended]' / 'Get out of that'
Download: here

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