Sunday, 16 November 2008

Pop Muzik - M

When you have a record collection it's always nice to show people some rarities and gimmicks. Back when everyone knew what vinyl records did, it was great to show this one. The 12" record of M's 'Pop Muzik' played two different songs on the same side, both songs starting at the beginning of the record. It was just a matter of choosing the right groove, because the A-side of this record actually had two grooves!

Of course, I only found out about this 12" when it left the shops for some time. So I had to wait for some time to get my hands on it, whereas my brother actually had it for years. I bought my second hand copy in 1990, eleven years after its release.

Which brings me to another interesting fact: a lot of people actually seem to think that 'Pop Muzik' is an eighties song. However, it was released in April 1979 and was a top 10 hit almost everywhere in Europe that summer. It influenced a lot of tracks from the eighties, though, so it's no wonder it keeps appearing in lots of eighties compilations.

My collection: 12" single no. 91
Found: 1990
Cost: 5 guilders
Tracks: 'Pop muzik', 'M Factor' / 'Pop muzik (full length disco mix)'
Download: here

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