Thursday, 1 June 2017

Jukebox June is here!

In November 2018, Music on Vinyl will be ten years old and by that time I will have posted over 6000 entries in this blog. Through the years many sounds have disappeared though, and I´m pretty sure you will agree that it is quite a bit of work to re-upload everything.

So I've decided to create Jukebox June, in which you can send me a small donation along with a request for a reupload. It can be any song on this blog, because you know I have them. When I've received your donation your request will appear on the front page of Music on Vinyl as soon as possible (mostly within 24 hours). 

Use the button below. You can send as many requests as you like, but one song per donation please.

I will use your donations to buy more music, which in turn ensures the future of this blog. There are some rare and expensive items out there, and I need a little help. Your help is highly appreciated!

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